The earthquake which is magnitude 8.5 at Ogasawara

The depth as the 590km is the seismic center.
It’s victimless in particular.

When it was shallow, it was more serious.

It’s big next to 311 as the magnitude.

Hakone seems eruptive.

Hakone seems eruptive.

Hakone is a famous tourist spot at a hot spring.

The eruptive cautious level was raised by two from one.

Precaution still continues.

A volcanic earthquake still continues.


Hakone and Mt. Fuji are the brother who gets in touch.

When Hakone erupts, a possibility that Mt. Fuji also erupts is high.


Radiation in Ikebukuro

Radiation was detected at a park in Ikebukuro.

Something like a disk has come out under the park playground equipment.

This disk gave expensive radiation off.

If a disk is taken, radiation has returned to the normal value.

You can’t fix.

The company which probably installed this playground equipment took charge of constructing it in Fukushima, so when establishing, it seems to have got mixed up.

池袋 円盤

Radioactivity in Tokyo

From Fukushima’s accident, 4 years.
A situation isn’t convergent at all.

No one knows what has happened in the nuclear reactor.

Radioactivity was detected at Ikebukuro in Tokyo by the news seen yesterday.
480 per hour micro sievert.

A detected place is a park.

Ikebukuro is a place with very much people.

Already, Tokyo may be the one polluted very much.

A government can’t say a true thing.

If say a true thing, it would be a panic.

People as much as 40,000,000 people.


I also pay attention to a prediction of joseph tittel.

Much of his prediction hits.

News was seen today.
That Amazon and line customer information did a hacking.

20. I also see Amazon having major issues with hacking which may also effect the items they are shipping out. Possibly that someone is changing the shipping addresses on orders for their benefit. This is already being done on a small scale and has not been caught. But the idiot that does this will take it too far to the point they are caught and arrested.

April 10 A dolphin is grounded in a beach in Ibaraki-ken.

160 dolphins were grounded in a coast in Ibaraki-ken.

Four years before, like, a dolphin was grounded.
A dolphin was grounded in a beach in Ibaraki-ken.

It was just before it was that 311 I go along on March 6, 2011, that that has occurred.


A Japanese net, seething it became.
Gary Bonnell is because the day when I predicted that a big earthquake came to Tokyo was April 12.

But a big earthquake has not occurred on the 12th.

Did a prediction come off?

Or will it happen now?

I’m also a doctor in Okinawa and Ms. Nagata’s prediction that I’m also a spiritualist is introduced.
She publishes a book. But it wouldn’t be possible to read in English. An important part is quoted here.
This is a future prediction about Japan.
Predicted one was 2006, but an earthquake of 311 also hit.
Ms. Nagata receives a message from a god.
Hereinafter a message from a god.
In Lake Ashi.
The lake where the dragon from which this protects Japan sleeps.
A dragon restores increasingly.
A purge is also approaching at the same time.
Tokyo is washed.
Please place your expectations with the deep grief of the gods and affection of gods.
Preparations are developed.
No one notices keeping telling to notice to people many times.
Tokyo is reborn.
Just as it is, then no one notices the earth falling.
Japan is reborn than this.
An accident for it happens.
Tokyo is two echelons and an accident happens.
Fuji, Tokyo and Miura-hanto shake at the same time at the second time.
This is a prediction.
When repenting, an accident will be small.
People would notice after it happens once.
I wanted you to notice before it.
The man who kept ignoring expectation of gods. I’m still in time.
Hope. Remember a prayer.
From Okinawa, prayer person recovery. And I restore at a various part of Japan.
A prediction is changed.
A comet will collide one hundred years later. That’s also changed.
People were reborn.
They’re people, protect the earth.
It’ll be reborn eventually, and I live there.
From now on, reborn of I need the soul which isn’t permitted and man.

Prediction of Gary Bonnell

He doesn’t know whether it’s famous overseas, but a prophet as Gary Bonnell frequently predicts about a Japanese accident.

It’s said that they guessed about 311.

A big earthquake came to Tokyo on April 12, and he was saying that it was serious.

I’m also saying that the scale of the accident is reduced by the workings of the gods which aren’t seen. When feelings connect with gods by hoping.

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