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Hakone seems eruptive.

Hakone seems eruptive.

Hakone is a famous tourist spot at a hot spring.

The eruptive cautious level was raised by two from one.

Precaution still continues.

A volcanic earthquake still continues.


Hakone and Mt. Fuji are the brother who gets in touch.

When Hakone erupts, a possibility that Mt. Fuji also erupts is high.


Radiation in Ikebukuro

Radiation was detected at a park in Ikebukuro.

Something like a disk has come out under the park playground equipment.

This disk gave expensive radiation off.

If a disk is taken, radiation has returned to the normal value.

You can’t fix.

The company which probably installed this playground equipment took charge of constructing it in Fukushima, so when establishing, it seems to have got mixed up.

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