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The Olympic Games of Tokyo are not held?

There is that the Olympic Games of Tokyo in 2020 are not held by prediction which she worries.

It is a certain reason.

The Japanese government does not understand the fear of a nuclear power plant.

If a big earthquake comes to Tokyo, the Hamaoka nuclear power plant cannot be managed with safety.
Whenever the big earthquake of Tokyo may come, it is not amusing.




About Ms. Matsubara

About one of Esper famous for Japan, and Ms. Matsubara It introduces.


She became the center of attention in the network noting that she was predicting the Great East Japan Earthquake.


She is doing various prediction not only about Japan but a foreign country.


She writes various prediction by the blog every day.


It is said that the temperature in the world will rise by 5 degrees in 100 years according to her latest report.


It is anxious that the bill which is worrisome in what kind of arrow the United States of the police in the world shot towards Japan passes.


It is worried if the Self-Defense Forces turn into an army.