I’m also a doctor in Okinawa and Ms. Nagata’s prediction that I’m also a spiritualist is introduced.
She publishes a book. But it wouldn’t be possible to read in English. An important part is quoted here.
This is a future prediction about Japan.
Predicted one was 2006, but an earthquake of 311 also hit.
Ms. Nagata receives a message from a god.
Hereinafter a message from a god.
In Lake Ashi.
The lake where the dragon from which this protects Japan sleeps.
A dragon restores increasingly.
A purge is also approaching at the same time.
Tokyo is washed.
Please place your expectations with the deep grief of the gods and affection of gods.
Preparations are developed.
No one notices keeping telling to notice to people many times.
Tokyo is reborn.
Just as it is, then no one notices the earth falling.
Japan is reborn than this.
An accident for it happens.
Tokyo is two echelons and an accident happens.
Fuji, Tokyo and Miura-hanto shake at the same time at the second time.
This is a prediction.
When repenting, an accident will be small.
People would notice after it happens once.
I wanted you to notice before it.
The man who kept ignoring expectation of gods. I’m still in time.
Hope. Remember a prayer.
From Okinawa, prayer person recovery. And I restore at a various part of Japan.
A prediction is changed.
A comet will collide one hundred years later. That’s also changed.
People were reborn.
They’re people, protect the earth.
It’ll be reborn eventually, and I live there.
From now on, reborn of I need the soul which isn’t permitted and man.


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